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Not A Loan

Pre-settlement funding is often described with terminology that is innacurate. One of these terms is "lawsuit loan". The service which Injury Funds Now provides is not a lawsuit loan, even though the industry is sometimes referred to as the "lawsuit loan industry".

The primary reason that our pre-settlement advances are not lawsuit loans, is that they are not loans at all. For something to be considered a loan, it must be re-paid. Loans usually also have collateral attached to them (such as your home being the collateral on a home loan or mortgage). Our pre settlement advances are only repaid if your case makes a successful recovery, thus it is not a lawsuit loan.

If you have been researching the industry in search of a pre settlement advance, apply with Injury Funds Now. Our terms are very competitive and we can have a cash advance in your hands within 24 hours from the time we receive the documents we will review from your file. We hope that we will be able to assist!

Injury Funds Now's pre-settlement funding service is not a lawsuit loan.


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