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Lawsuit Funding

Why wait for your lawsuit to recover when you can get lawsuit funding now? Injury Funds Now can advance a portion of your lawsuit's anticipated recovery within 24 hours*. Lawsuit funding can help you take care of immediate financial pressures including mortgage payments, credit card bills, car loans, medical expenses, everyday expenses and more... right now.

Injury Funds Now lawsuit funding services are designed to relieve personal financial burdens. Alleviating any immediate financial pressures will provide you with the staying power you need to be able to wait out the financial and emotional strains of a long lawsuit. It also levels the playing field against defense insurance companies so that you are not a victim of their well-known tactics of dragging a case out as long as possible in the hopes you will finally settle for less then your case is worth. With lawsuit funding you won't be under financial strain, meaning you will have the means to wait for the highest possible recovery your attorney can get for you.

When your case settles, we are repaid the advance plus a previously agreed upon fee. If the case is lost, it's yours to keep and you owe us nothing. We only get paid if you make a recovery!

Don't give in and settle for a low-ball offer, get help now. Just fill out our short online application. There are no credit checks, no application fee and you do not have to be employed. If you have any further questions about lawsuit funding please feel free to contact us.

*24 hours from the time we receive the documentation on your case

Attorney Testimonials

"The Haggard Firm trusts IFN with our clients"

- Attorney Michael A. Haggard (Miami, FL)

"My clients were being offered only $250,000 on a case where I knew I could get them much more, but they didn't have the financial means to wait it out. Injury Funds Now came through and advanced my clients $50,000 to cover their living expenses and medical bills and ultimately I was able to recover over $1,000,000. The recovery was over $750,000 higher than the original offer and because of Injury Funds Now services, everyone came out way ahead."

- Attorney Douglas Eaton (Miami, FL)

"Injury Funds Now has been very helpful in fashioning funding options for a number of my clients. They have shown flexibility and promptly respond to clients funding needs. They are professional and discreet."

- Attorney Robert C. Gross (Miami, FL)

NOTE: The term "loan" or "loans," where used to describe lawsuit funding is not an accurate legal or financial definition of the transaction. IT IS NOT A LOAN. The transaction is a non-recourse purchase of a portion of the proceeds of a potential future case award or settlement. A loan is a transaction that always requires repayment. Our lawsuit funding only requires repayment if the plaintiff receives a favorable cash settlement award. If the plaintiff loses their case, they do not repay anything.

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