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Pre-Settlement Funding for Boating Accident Victims

Payments Today While You Wait for a Settlement or Verdict

The U.S. Coast Guard states that 4,515 reported recreational boating accidents occurred in 2012, resulting in 651 deaths and 3,000 injuries. These accidents involved a variety of recreational boats, including motorboats, fishing boats, sailboats and personal watercraft (PWC) on lakes, rivers and coastal waters throughout the country. According to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, 55 people died and 431 people were injured on the state’s waterways in boating related incidents.

Injury Funds Now (IFN) provides much needed financial support through no-risk advances on verdicts and settlements. Our Florida-based firm can help clients in most states with pre-settlement funding for boating accidents. If you or your loved one suffered severe injuries in a watercraft-related crash, apply today for your cash advance.

Causes of Boating Injuries

The calm, isolating experience of being on the water often causes boaters, swimmers and paddlers to let their guard down. Although boating is generally relatively safe, drunk and careless boaters can put your safety at serious risk. In addition, hidden dangers lurk beneath the waters and along the shorelines in the form of vegetation, construction and debris that is the responsibility of government entities and private landowners to control. Mechanical problems caused by defective boating parts also contribute to severe and fatal injuries.

Our in-house review team regularly advances pre-settlement funding for boating accidents involving:

  • Collisions with another vessel
  • Crashes into fixed objects, such as docks or tree stumps
  • Debris obstruction in navigable waters
  • Speeding and careless vessel operation
  • Distracted boating
  • Boating while intoxicated (BWI)
  • Falls overboard and drowning
  • Skiing and wakeboarding accidents
  • Snorkeler, swimmer and skier accidents
  • Propeller injuries
  • Gas tank explosions and fires
  • Ignition vapor exposure

Types of Boating Accident Injuries

Injury Funds Now can help you through the aftermath of a serious boating accident if you or your loved one sustained such catastrophic injuries as:

Unfortunately, we do not fund certain types of injuries, including soft tissue, bulging disks and injuries that exclusively receive chiropractic or pain management treatment.

Advancing You Immediate Funds

Your personal injury or wrongful death lawsuit can drag on for many months or, in the most serious and complex cases, years. During that time, you still owe money for your home, your automobile and your living expenses. If your injuries keep you from working, you cannot afford to wait for your judgment or settlement.

Injury Funds Now can advance money to you now. Our convenient online system makes getting cash in-hand quick, easy, low-cost and stress-free because we:

  • Approve applications within 24-hours
  • Put cash in hand same day as approval
  • Do not charge application or closing fees
  • Do not include hidden costs
  • Do not check credit
  • Do not consider employment status
  • Dedicate a funding specialist to your case
  • Guarantee the best price

Although we are happy to take your questions over the telephone, we can typically approve your online application more quickly.

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Learn more about how pre-settlement funding from Injury Funds Now can help you during your recovery from a boating accident.

Contact us by calling 1-866-68-FUNDS (38637). Our national firm provides pre-settlement funding to plaintiffs in most states, including Florida.

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