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The Only Lawsuit Funding Company with Multiple Fee Structures

Injury Funds Now (IFN) is an industry leader in pre-settlement funding. You only pay us back if your case wins. If your case loses (regardless of the reason) you keep the advance and pay us nothing. Upon a successful recovery, IFN would be owed the return of the amount advanced, plus a fee.

We are the only lawsuit funding company that offers two fee structures: monthly and flat fee. The choice is yours.

  • Monthly Fee Structure – The monthly fee structure is a percentage of the amount advanced per month, billed in monthly increments, which means you only pay for the actual length of time the money is borrowed. There is a 6 month minimum on all of our monthly advances.
  • Flat Fee Structure – The flat fee structure is based off of a percentage of your total recovery. The benefit of the flat fee structure is peace of mind as it has a built in cap. You will always know the maximum amount of funds you owe, no matter how long the case takes

We offer two fee structures in order to provide you with options. We will always allow you to decide which plan you prefer, and your Funding Specialist will be happy to run the numbers for you both ways so that you can make an educated decision as far as which plan will better meet your needs.

No matter which fee structure you choose, you only pay if your case wins. There are no application fees, no monthly fees, no underwriting or closing costs and no hidden fees of any kind with any of our programs.  Most importantly, you only pay us back if your case wins. If your cases loses, you owe us nothing.

Our Funding is Simple, Straightforward and Transparent

In summary, IFN offers the following benefits.

  • Flexibility – We both monthly and flat fee structure options. You choose which is best for your financial situation.
  • No Compounding – IFN doesn't compound interest on the original borrowed amount.
  • Cap Structure – We have a capped fee option available
  • Best Price Guarantee – If you have an offer in writing from another funding company that is lower than our offer, just show it to us and in most cases we can match or beat it.
  • No Add On Fees – We won’t nickel and dime you with petty fees. You can submit your application for free. More importantly, there are no front loaded funding, underwriting or document review fees. No add ons on the back end either.
  • Competitive Rates - We offer our clients competitive rates. In fact, they are so competitive that we don’t publish them on our website. Please call to discuss our rates over the phone. We’re happy to discuss the details with you.
    Injury Funds Now Other Companies' Programs
Fee Plans Flat Rate Plan Available  Not Available
Monthly Plan Not Compounded Compounded Monthly, or even Daily!
Additional Fees Application Fee $0 $100-$500
Closing Costs $0 $500
Broker Fees $0 $200-$1,000s
Other/Hidden Fees $0 10% of amount advanced, or more!
Client Support Service Dedicated Funding Specialist Unknown
Online Status Check  Available Not Available
Approval Time 24 hours 48 hours-2 weeks


Let’s Run the Numbers, There Is No Obligation to Accept

You will be under no obligation to accept our offer. If you choose to accept, we will fax you some paperwork based on the fee plan of your choice, and upon proper execution we can get funds into your account the very same day!

Before you accept the terms of another lawsuit funding company ask them these questions:

  • Do you have multiple fee structures that I can choose from? IFN has multiple fee structures for clients to choose from. We present both options and you choose what is best for your financial situation. As we are a boutique funding firm, we also have the ability to structure a fee program tailored to your case and needs. The options are extensive.
  • Do you charge fees? While other companies charge application, closing, broker and/or processing fees, IFN is totally fee-free. Multiple fees can quickly add another 10 percent, or more, to your lawsuit cash advance.
  • Is there a professional dedicated to my case? Every client at IFN works with a dedicated funding specialist. Ask us as many questions as you need; we’re here to help.
  • Can I check the status of my application online? We are web-friendly at IFN and offer our clients an online status checker.
  • Can you get me funds in 24 hours? In most cases, IFN can have funds delivered to you within 24 hours.
  • Do you compound? IFN does not compound, unlike other companies who compound monthly or even daily.

When you’re ready to run the numbers call 866-68-FUNDS (38637) and we will be glad to go over everything with you over the phone. If you do receive an offer from us, everything will be in writing exactly like we will have discussed with you on the phone.


Five Star Reviews

What clients are saying:

"I was able to pay April's rent as well as the balance for the month of March and I paid the FPL and phone bills. I wish I had known about your company before it would have saved my family and me many headaches. Thank you."

- Jane D., plaintiff

"In my time of need Injury Funds Now helped me when no one else would. They provided me with understanding and most of all treated me like a human being."

- Jacqueline D., plaintiff

"Quick, professional & easy to work with"

- Attorney Michael A. Haggard, Esq

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