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Burns & Chemical Burns

Settlement Funding for Burn Injuries

Your skin controls body temperature, maintains hydration, supports movement of important nutrients and protects your internal systems from pathogens. When a burn compromises this vital organ, you may experience devastating health consequences. Burn treatments — including skin grafts and plastic surgery — require extensive resources and time. The delicate nature of these procedures and the high risk of infection make maintaining employment difficult. In addition, you might need rehabilitation to regain movement in the affected areas. The last thing you need during this challenging period is a creditor demanding payment of your bills.

Injury Funds Now (IFN) makes it possible for you to concentrate on your recovery and not worry about how you are going to pay your bills. Our Florida-based firm provides settlement funding for burn injuries in advance of your personal injury settlement or verdict award. These funds can be a lifeline to keep your family’s finances in order until you have recouped compensation for your injuries through the court system. Our no-risk policy means you do not pay us back if your case does not make a recovery.

Burn Classification

Burns are classified according to the amount of damage they cause to the body:

  • First-degree burns affect the skin’s outer layer. A first-degree burn may be painful and uncomfortable, but often responds to home care or minor medical treatment.
  • Second-degree burns penetrate the skin’s outer layer and may cause redness, blistering, pain, swelling and scarring.
  • Third-degree burns harm the deep layers of the skin. The skin becomes black or white and dry, with a leathery texture and no sensation. A third-degree burn typically requires skin grafts and antibiotic treatments to ward off infections.
  • Fourth-degree burns damage the underlying flesh, bones, muscles and organs. Extensive reconstructive surgery may be required to rebuild functionality and minimize deformities.

Medline Plus, a website providing medical information from the National Library of Medicine, categorizes the following types of burns as major or catastrophic:

  • Fourth-degree burns
  • Third-degree burns
  • Second-degree burns that cover more than two inches
  • Second-degree burns on face, hands, feet, groin, buttocks, genitals or major joints

Causes of Burns

Injury Funds Now handles funding in cases involving all types of catastrophic burns, including the following:

  • Thermal burns caused by heat — such as a flame or scalding liquid. A thermal burn may be caused by a house fire, an auto fire or a defective product, such as a space heater, lawn equipment or stove.
  • Chemical burns occur when the skin is exposed to a toxic chemical that causes damage. Chemical burns often result from workplace exposure in the railroad, maritime and construction industries. Also, defective household products may cause severe burns.
  • Electrical burns result from an electrical current that comes into contact with a person — on a construction site or on poorly maintained property, for example. Beyond the burned skin, the current may cause substantial damage to internal organs.
  • Radiation burns can result from acute or chronic doses of radiation. Patients may suffer burns when a doctor commits an error by administering higher than acceptable radiation during a diagnostic test.

How Pre Settlement Funding Works

You can apply for an advance on your pending lawsuit or settlement by submitting a simple form online. IFN makes the process quick and hassle-free by:

  • Responding within 24-hours
  • Paying you the same day as approval
  • Adding no hidden costs
  • Requiring no application fee
  • Conducting no credit or income checks
  • Giving you our best price guarantee

Learn More About Settlement Funding for Your Burn Injuries

Get the money you need today with settlement funding for your burn injuries. Call IFN at 1-866-68-FUNDS (8637) or for fastest approval, simply complete our short online application. Injury Funds Now is a Florida firm that helps injured plaintiffs in almost every state in the country.

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