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Types of Documentation

The type of documentation that Injury Funds Now must review in order to consider your case for funding varies by type of case. Basically we will review each case for liability, damages and collectability by reviewing specific documentation for each type of case. The lists below is provided only to give you an IDEA of what we will be looking for. Once you apply with Injury Funds Now, the documentation request will be made directly from your attorney and may vary. We will try to work with what is available but there must be enough information in your file for us to make a funding decision. Suit does not necessarily have to be filed but if the accident just happened, usually there will not be enough information for us to assist just yet. To find out speak with a Funding Specialist by calling us toll free or apply online now.

Auto Accident Lawsuits:

  • Police Report
  • Defendants Insurance Declarations
  • Complaint & Answer
  • Medical Reports

Each state has various procedures as far as when the defendant's insurance information becomes available. In Florida, where Injury Fund Now has our main offices, the "dec sheet" is available usually right away, making it much easier for us to consider cases for funding shortly after the accident occurred. If you are in a state where the defendant's insurance declarations page is not yet available to your attorney, we may not be able to offer assistance until such point that this information is disclosed. Also, if there is no source of coverage that we can identify, unfortunately we will not be able to assist.

Medical Malpractice & Product Liability Lawsuits:

  • Complaint & Answer
  • Expert Report
  • Defendants Insurance Declarations
  • Major medical reports

Medical malpractice cases are not being funded as much by other funding companies. They are much harder to win than they used to be for reasons ranging from new legislation to the high cost of preparing such cases for trial. Many states have caps on the dollar amount of recovery. Injury Funds Now will still consider funding these types of cases.

Premises Liability/Slip & Fall Lawsuits:

  • Incident Report
  • Witness Statements &/or Photographs
  • Expert Report
  • Defendants Insurance Declarations
  • Complaint & Answer

Slip and fall cases are usually the most difficult types of cases personal injury cases to make recoveries on and therefore we require a bit more information in order to consider offering an advance for a slip & fall case.

All documentation if faxed to us from your attorney's office and your attorney's qualifications are also considered when we review cases for a pre settlement advance. We also take other factors into consideration such as previous accidents or injuries, how when the injuries occurred, in what state the injuries occurred, and more. If you would like us to consider your lawsuit for a pre settlement advance, please contact us now to speak with a Funding Specialist, or apply online.

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