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Settlement Funding for Motorcycle and Bicycle Accidents

Get Cash Now While You Wait for Damages Recovery

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimate that more than 34,000 motorcyclists died and approximately 1,222,000 required emergency room treatment for nonfatal injuries between 2001 and 2008. The CDC also noted that motorcycle crash deaths skyrocketed in states, such as Florida, that repealed universal helmet laws. Bicyclists are also at great risk of traffic accident fatalities and serious injuries, accounting for 800 deaths and 515,000 emergency room visits in 2010. What makes these statistics even more shocking is that most motorcycle and bicycle accidents are preventable. However, negligent motorists, companies and municipal transportation departments that act negligently put bikers at risk.

If you are one of the victims of a catastrophic traffic related accident, you now face the prospect of mounting bills and diminishing income while you wait for your case to settle or to go to trial. This dilemma may even tempt you to settle for less than you deserve and your case is actually worth.

Injury Funds Now (IFN) advances the money you need now to stay atop of your financial concerns, so you can afford to strategically negotiate for your rightful damages settlement.

Causes of Bike Accidents

Motorcycle and bicycle crashes are caused by the same types of negligent conduct, which include:

  • Potholes, cracked pavement and general road disrepair
  • Road debris and oil slicks
  • Distracted and drunk motorists
  • Speeding and reckless drivers
  • Failure of a motorist to yield
  • Getting doored by occupant exiting a parked car
  • Broken streetlights on dark roads
  • Mechanical defect

Serious Motorcycle and Bicycle Injuries

Motorcycle and bicycle crashes tend to result in serious injuries for several reasons. You are not protected by a metal vehicle body. You are not wearing a seatbelt. There is no airbag to cushion the impact. Even a helmet and appropriate riding safety gear cannot adequately protect you when you are ejected at high speed upon hard pavement. Therefore, you are likely to sustain such common injuries as:

Our firm advances settlement funding for motorcycle and bicycle accidents involving serious and fatal injuries. However, we do not fund herniated disks, whiplash or soft tissue injuries that do not require surgery and are treated solely by a chiropractor or pain management clinic.

Stress-Free Funding for Cyclists and Bikers

Injury Funds Now can help you through the challenging period following your accident. You can apply online for a no-risk, hassle-free advance on your future damages award. Our in-house review team evaluates whether funding is the right option for your immediate and long-term settlement goals. Throughout the process, you can expect:

  • 24-hour approval
  • Same-day as approval cash in-hand
  • No hidden costs or application fee
  • No credit check or employment requirements
  • No-risk because you do not pay us back unless you recover
  • A funding specialist assigned to help you with your case
  • Our Best Pricing Guarantee

We urge you to apply through our convenient online system for the quickest response.

Learn More about Settlement Funding for Motorcycle and Bicycle Accidents

To apply for settlement funding for your motorcycle or bicycle accident, call Injury Funds Now at 1-866-68-FUNDS (38637). Our office is located in Florida and we serve clients in most states throughout the country.

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