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Back & Neck Injuries

Lawsuit Funding for Back and Neck Injuries

The spinal cord and surrounding tissue is responsible for mobility, stability and impulse transmission to and from your brain. For this reason, a lumbar or cervical injury is particularly devastating. The injury may hinder you from working, possibly permanently, and interfere with your quality of life.

Although you may be entitled to compensation from insurance companies and negligent parties, you may not reach a settlement or verdict for many months or years. You still must pay your mortgage, car loans, costs of living and medical bills in the interim. Injury Funds Now (IFN) can help. We put money in your pocket now, when you need it. You can use your cash advance however you see fit and pay us back when you recover your damages award. You do not repay us if you do not win your personal injury case.

Accidents Resulting in Lumbar and Cervical Injuries

Violent force asserted to the body can cause serious back and neck injuries. Inertia, which often occurs in an automobile accident, can jolt your torso with damaging force. Likewise, your spine can be penetrated directly by a gunshot or another act of violence, a fall from height or the impact of a heavy object. IFN regularly provides advanced funding for traffic accidents, dog attacks, construction accidents and other personal injury cases that cause such serious lumbar or cervical injuries as:

  • Herniated disk
  • Cauda equina syndrome
  • Vertebra dislocation
  • Spinal cord fracture
  • Pelvic fracture
  • High tetraplegia to C1 to C4
  • Low tetraplegia to C5 to C8
  • Paraplegia from lumbar vertebra damage
  • Incomplete motor function and paralysis

Back or Neck Surgery After an Accident

Spinal cord injury can result in pain, numbness and weakness that radiates into your limbs. Pressure on the nerves may also interfere with organ function, including the kidneys, intestines, stomach and reproductive organs. Complete or partial paralysis may occur in the areas below the injured spine. To improve functionality and quality of life, you might require surgery or other invasive forms of treatment.

Funding for back and neck injuries that require surgery is available. However, IFN cannot advance payments for soft tissue injuries and bulging disks that are treatable exclusively by a chiropractor or a pain clinic.

Back and Neck Spinal Fusion

Arthrodesis — or spinal fusion — is often used to treat back or neck injuries, including herniated disks, vertebra dislocations and vertebra fractures. Spinal fusion involves welding two vertebrae together, commonly using a bone graft, to stabilize the spine in the affected area. The surgery is designed to reduce pain and prevent further damage to the spine. Recovery can take months, and your doctor is likely to place restrictions on your movements even after you return to your job. IFN offers the funding you need until you are back on your feet after your back or neck spinal fusion.

How to Get Lawsuit Funding for Back and Neck Injuries

If you suffer a back or neck injury, your first priority is to get the medical care and the legal representation you need to recover from your injuries. You can then contact IFN about advancing payment on the settlement your lawyer is negotiating on your behalf.  Completing our simple online application form takes only moments and we respond within 24 hours. Typically, we are able to issue you a payment the same day as we approve your application. Our hassle-free process includes:

  • Convenient online application
  • Approval within 24 hours
  • Cash in-hand same day
  • Online status updates
  • No costs for applying
  • No hidden costs
  • No income requirements
  • No credit check

IFN maintains a no-risk policy. If you do not recover damages in your personal injury lawsuit, you owe us no money. Also, you receive the IFN best-price guarantee when you apply.

We are pleased to answer your questions by phone, but we suggest filing your application online for the quickest response.

Receive Advance Lawsuit Funding for Your Back and Neck Injuries

Injury Funds Now can pay you the money you need now while your personal injury attorney fights for your rightful compensation. To learn more about lawsuit funding for back and neck injuries, call 1-866-68-FUNDS (8637) or submit our online application. Injury Funds Now helps injury victims in Florida and in almost every state in the country.

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