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A Florida Settlement Advance Can Help Injured Victims in Their Time of Need

Families who are already dealing with money problems can experience serious financial devastation if a family member is injured in an automobile accident or any other type of accident. No one knows in advance when an accident will occur, which makes planning for such an event virtually impossible. Still, the bills related to the accident will pile up alongside your normal monthly bills, and you may find yourself struggling to think of a way to make ends meet.

You've considered a number of financial remedies -- personal loans, home equity loans, etc. -- but none of those options have worked out in your favor. You are working with an attorney who has already advised you that you have a good case, but the litigation and/or settlement process can take several months, if not years. So what other options do you have? Consider getting a Florida settlement advance from Injury Funds Now (IFN).

Fast Facts About IFN Settlement Advances

  • No Income Verification
  • No Credit Check
  • Easy Application Process With No Application Fees
  • Fast Approval, Usually Within 24 Hours
  • If You Lose Your Case, You Do Not Have to Repay the Funds!

Why a Settlement Advance Might Be a Good Choice for You

As mentioned above, a personal injury case can take months or even years to resolve. Meanwhile, your family's financial obligations continue as normal month after month. Life still goes on, and you may find yourself sinking deeper and deeper in debt due to routine monthly bills, such as rent or a mortgage payments, auto payments, utility bills, child support and/or alimony and other bills -- all of which need to be paid along with any medical bills stemming from the accident.

This is where an advance from IFN can come in to save the day. We are a direct lender, not a broker and our advances are based solely on the merits of the case. We provide financial assistance to hurt Floridians, as well as individuals in a number of other states who need an alternative to standard loans or other monetary options for which they may not be able to qualify. Our advances ARE NOT LOANS; therefore, they do not require repayment if your case proves to be unsuccessful.

Things to Keep in Mind When Considering a Settlement Advance

When you apply for an advance from IFN, the process is quick and easy; however, there are a few things you should keep in mind. First, it is crucial that you provide honest information about your case. Making up facts will not help you in the long run -- the facts are what they are. That said, we will be speaking with your attorney about your case to make sure we can help you meet your financial needs.

Which leads us to another point that should be taken under consideration, and that's the fact that you will need to be working with an attorney in order to get funds. Also, while there are no minimum or maximum amounts for which you can apply, we do suggest that you only apply for the amount needed to meet your daily financial obligations.

If you or someone you love has been injured in an accident and you are interested in learning more about how a settlement advance could help you while awaiting an outcome to the case, call IFN at 866-68-FUNDS (36837) or use our online contact form.

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"I was able to pay April's rent as well as the balance for the month of March and I paid the FPL and phone bills. I wish I had known about your company before it would have saved my family and me many headaches. Thank you."

- Jane D., plaintiff

"In my time of need Injury Funds Now helped me when no one else would. They provided me with understanding and most of all treated me like a human being."

- Jacqueline D., plaintiff

"Quick, professional & easy to work with"

- Attorney Michael A. Haggard, Esq

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