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5 Ways Truck Drivers and Trucking Companies Can (and Should) Prevent Truck Rollovers

November 7, 2016, on Articles |

Rollovers are among the most dangerous types of trucking accidents, and they are more common than most people realize. Nearly 1 out of every 25 large truck accidents involves a rollover, which means that there are hundreds of truck rollover crashes in the United States every year. These crashes regularly leave innocent drivers and passengers suffering from severe traumatic injuries, including brain injuries, spinal cord injuries and broken bones.

Tragically, the number of truck rollover accidents could be much, much lower if truck drivers and trucking companies simply followed basic safety precautions and exercised appropriate care on the road. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) and others recommend the following five practices for reducing the risk of truck rollover accidents:

1. Ensure that Trucks Are Properly Loaded.

Improper loading is a common factor in truck rollover accidents. When tanker trucks are not properly pressurized, and when tractor trailers’ loads are unsecure or imbalanced, the force from shifting loads can cause large trucks to jackknife and rollover.

2. Ensure that Truck Drivers Are Properly Licensed and Qualified.

Driving a large commercial truck is not an easy task. It requires special training, special licensure and many hours of experience behind the wheel. Unfortunately, whether to save money or as a result of failing to conduct adequate employee screening, many trucking companies hire unqualified drivers who do not have the knowledge and skill needed to prevent a rollover.

3. Know How to Spot Rollover Risks.

There are certain factors that can increase a truck driver’s risk of causing a rollover accident. These include bad weather conditions, roads that are slick or covered with debris, sharp turns, and sudden backups on the highway. Trucking companies should ensure that their drivers know how to spot these risks in order to avoid rollover accidents.

4. Adhere to Speed Limits and the Other Rules of the Road.

Speeding is a common factor in truck rollover accidents as well. Truck drivers must adhere to posted speed limits (and slow down when faced with hazardous conditions), observe traffic signs and signals, avoid tailgating, and consistently observe all other rules of the road.

5. Avoid Mistakes Behind the Wheel (and Know How to Correct Them).

In addition to observing the rules of the road, truck drivers must avoid other mistakes that can lead to rollover accidents. Distracted driving, drunk driving, drowsy driving and general inattentiveness can all put truck drivers at risk for rollovers. When faced with the consequences of a mistake, truck drivers must also know how to correct the issue (without overcorrecting) in order to avoid causing a potentially-dangerous multi-vehicle collision.

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