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Thanksgiving is Almost Here: Keep Your Holiday Safe

Mon Nov 23rd, on Articles |

It’s hard to believe, but Thanksgiving Day is almost here. For years, the week of Thanksgiving has been touted as being the busiest travel week, not only in Florida, but all across the country. Last...

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Can’t Get Your Holiday Shopping and Family Meals Planned Due to Accident Injuries and a Lack of Funds? IFN May Be Able to Help

Wed Nov 18th, on News |

The holidays can be a stressful time of year all on its own. However, when you’re dealing with injuries that have left you stuck at home and/or unable to work, the situation can be intolerable. We...

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Personal Injuries From Bike Accidents Are on the Rise, IFN Can Help the Injured

Tue Nov 10th, on Articles |

In recent years, more and more individuals have decided to ditch their automobiles for bike rides in the sun.  However, the number of injuries stemming from bike collisions with automobiles has also...

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Accidents Caused by Distracted Drivers: How IFN Can Help

Fri Oct 2nd, on Articles |

Whenever a person gets behind the wheel of an automobile, he or she will face a variety of possible distractions, including the radio, passengers in the backseat, a cell phone or even something as...

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Motorcycle and Bike Accident FAQs

Mon Aug 10th, on Articles |

Anyone who has ever been involved in a motorcycle or bicycle accident knows that the results of such incidents can be life-changing. The injuries suffered by bikers and motorcyclists during such...

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Don’t Rush to Settle: Why Pre-Settlement Funding May Be a Better Choice Than Settling Right Away

Mon Aug 3rd, on Articles |

When an individual has been hurt in an automobile accident, he or she may be feeling not only physical pain stemming from the injuries, but also financial pain related to an inability to afford the...

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Five Reasons to Apply for Pre-Settlement Funding

Wed Jul 1st, on Articles |

Whether it’s your first time or third time, being involved in a motor vehicle accident is never an easy situation to deal with -- especially if you or your loved ones have sustained injuries in...

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Success Story: How IFN Was Able to Assist a Good Samaritan Who Was Injured While Assisting Someone in a Disabled Vehicle

Wed Jul 1st, on Articles |

Occasionally, we hear of individuals who perform selfless acts in an effort to assist those in need. Unfortunately, there are times when the person helping (aka the “Good Samaritan”) is injured in...

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Construction Accidents: Why They Happen and What You Need to Do

Tue Apr 7th, on Articles |

Construction accidents occur more often than most people realize. Individuals who work in the construction industry are often faced with dangerous conditions and the threat of incurring injuries is...

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Truck Accident FAQs

Tue Mar 31st, on Articles |

A variety of automobiles travel Florida roadways on a daily basis. Cars, SUVs, motorcycles and bikes are just some of the vehicles that individuals use to get from point A to point B. However, there...

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