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Thanksgiving is Almost Here: Keep Your Holiday Safe

November 23, 2015, on Articles |

It’s hard to believe, but Thanksgiving Day is almost here. For years, the week of Thanksgiving has been touted as being the busiest travel week, not only in Florida, but all across the country. Last year, the Central Florida Expressway Authority advised drivers to make safe decisions and use extreme caution when traveling during the holiday season. That is because millions of people take to the roadways to go visit their loved ones and friends between November and December. This year, particularly since gas prices have gone down considerably, Thanksgiving week can prove to be a difficult time for many motorists.

Still, there are a number of things drivers can do to keep themselves and others safe. First and foremost, drivers are encouraged to know the route ahead of time. Knowing your exit off the highway beforehand can help drivers avoid an accident that may occur if they have to make unexpected lane changes.

It is also important for drivers to remain attentive at all times. We’ve discussed distracted driving issues previously, and during the holiday season, distractions are likely to be even more prevalent among drivers who have a million things on their minds as they try to make it to their destinations safely. It only takes a brief look away from the road to cause a serious accident.

Getting to grandma’s house or wherever your final destination may be should not be a race to the finish line. Leave early, slow down and definitely make certain that you and your passengers are buckled up. Given the fact that there will likely be thousands of people on the road at the same time, if you leave early enough to accommodate possible traffic delays, accidents or roadway hazards, you will likely not be as stressed as you would have been if you had left at the last minute -- especially if you’re the one with the turkey!

You’ve Been Involved in an Accident…So What Next?

As much as we all hear the warnings about traffic during the holiday seasons, there will still be some drivers who will not heed those warnings, which will cause them to drive erratically and ultimately cause collisions -- some of which may be deadly. So, what can you do if you sustain serious injuries in an accident caused by someone else? After you tend to your injuries, you will likely seek legal guidance from an attorney to learn more about your options under the law.

Depending on the specifics of your case, your attorney may decide to pursue a settlement from the at-fault driver or he or she may decide to take the case to court. Whatever decision is made with respect to the handling of the case, you, as the injured party, will undoubtedly face numerous medical bills, as well as your normal household bills -- none of which can be delayed because of your accident or your inability to work. This is where Injury Funds Now (IFN) can help.

Need a Florida Lawsuit Loan? Let IFN Help

There are many options available to individuals in need of financial assistance after they’ve been involved in an accident that has left them unable to work and make ends meet. Some may seek help from traditional banks; however, they may not be able to obtain the funds needed due to qualification factors that might not be met.

Some may do their own research in an effort to find a “lawsuit loan.” While there are companies that provide “loans” for various reasons, the funds that IFN provides injured victims are not loans. Generally speaking, loans involve funds that must be repaid within a certain period of time, and they may require you to use your home or something else of significant value as collateral.

IFN can advance you the funds you need to take care of your monthly requirements and medical bills without you having to worry about repayment. There are no application fees, nor are there any other hidden fees.  Best of all, if you lose your case, you owe NOTHING! The application process is simple and if you are approved, you may be able to receive your funds as soon as 24 hours after approval.

To find out more about how IFN can help you and your family’s finances stay on track after an accident, call us at our toll-free number at 1-866-68-FUNDS (38637) or for faster service, apply online.

*DISCLAIMER: The term "loan" or "loans," where used to describe lawsuit funding is not an accurate legal or financial definition of the transaction. IT IS NOT A LOAN. The transaction is a non-recourse purchase of a portion of the proceeds of a potential future case award or settlement. A loan is a transaction that always requires repayment. Our lawsuit funding only requires repayment if the plaintiff receives a favorable recovery. If the plaintiff loses their case, they do not repay anything.

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