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Blindness and Loss of Sight FAQs

July 8, 2016, on Articles |

According to the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH), over 2,000 individuals receive treatment on a daily basis for eye injuries (including blindness) that were sustained at the workplace. Such work-related injuries can be caused by a variety of things, including environmental factors such as exposure to bright lights and harmful chemicals, as well as onsite equipment and other objects.

While it is true that vision-related issues can arise after direct eye injuries, more vision problems actually stem from traumatic head injuries that may have been sustained from a violent attack or a motor vehicle accident.

The following questions and answers are provided to help those who have experienced a loss of sight or blindness gain some insight into some of the common concerns experienced by many individuals in similar positions. Those who have questions about their particular situation are encouraged to speak directly to their attorney, as this information is not intended to replace the legal advice provided by your lawyer.

What Can Cause a Blindness Injury?

Many things can cause a blindness injury. For example, optic nerve damage can occur when pressure is put on the nerve after a trauma to the eye or eye socket. Optic nerves transport messages from the eyes to the brain and can be damaged when the blood circulation to the nerves is cut off.

A vitreous hemorrhage takes place when the blood vessels in a person’s eye bleed into the vitreous, which is the jelly-like substance in the eye through which light passes before reaching the retina.

Retinal detachment involves a loosening of the retina, which is the thin layer of tissue that lines the back of the eye and is responsible for interpreting images into signals for the brain.

Blindness associated with traumatic brain injury (TBI) is caused by damage to the visual cortex that is in the back of a person’s head. Such damage can be sustained as a result of a fall, as well as devastating car accidents.

What Kinds of Eye Injuries Can Occur?

Possible injuries can include loss of an eye, partial vision loss and total blindness.

Loss of an eye or blindness in one eye typically involves extensive depth issues, as well as problems with peripheral vision that can result in vertigo or balance problems. Partial vision loss does not mean that the individual will ultimately become completely blind. The accident victim might still be able to recognize colors, see shapes or he or she may have tunnel vision. Total blindness (or no light perception) is usually irreversible for those suffering from optical nerve damage, irreparable corneal damage or eye damage.

What are the Symptoms Associated With Eye Injuries?

Regardless of whether eye injuries are sustained from a direct eye impact or a head injury, there are several symptoms that can indicate vision issues, such as sensitivity to light, blurred and/or double vision, headaches and aching eyes, and difficulty focusing at near and distant objects.

How Can Injury Funds Now Help You?

Losing your eyesight can be a traumatic experience and it can be especially troubling if the loss was caused by someone else’s negligence or carelessness. Dealing with legalities related to your loss of vision or blindness can be exhausting, as reaching a resolution to your case can take a great deal of time. So, what can you do to keep yourself and your household afloat while you await an outcome to your case? Contact Injury Funds Now (IFN).

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