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“I Wish I Had Less Time to Negotiate” Said No Attorney, Ever

December 28, 2016, on For Attorneys |

As a personal injury attorney, when you take on a new case, you know that one of the biggest challenges you will face is convincing your client not to settle too soon. The typical client needs money as soon as possible, and he or she may not fully understand the consequences of accepting a reduced settlement. You can educate your client on these consequences; but, if he or she needs money and there is money on the table, even a significantly-reduced settlement offer may be enough to bring your case to an end prematurely.

So, what do you do? In short, you do what you have to. You devote the time and resources necessary to pursue the case ethically, and you keep your client informed when settlement offers come in. You explain what it means to settle now versus giving the case more time and, ultimately, you let your client make the call. If your client decides to settle for less before you have had the chance to fully execute your case strategy, not only does your client lose, but you lose as well.

“By relieving our clients' financial worries, you produce happy and patient clients."

When clients need money quickly, securing pre-settlement lawsuit funding can be a far better option for both the client and the attorney. With pre-settlement lawsuit funding – which is non-recourse, so your client does not go into debt – clients get the money they need to pay their bills while their cases are pending. As a result, it relieves the pressure to settle quickly, which gives their attorneys more time to negotiate for higher settlements.

Here is what attorneys have had to say about the benefits of pre-settlement lawsuit funding from Injury Funds Now:

"We had a brain injured client whose family desperately needed an advance while we worked to resolve the case. Injury Funds Now came through and provided what they needed without burdensome paperwork. We would recommend them to future clients."

"My clients were being offered only $250,000 on a case where I knew I could get them much more, but they didn't have the financial means to wait it out. Injury Funds Now came through and advanced my clients $50,000 to cover their living expenses and medical bills and ultimately I was able to recover over $1,000,000.”

With Injury Funds Now, there are no application or closing fees, no credit checks, and no long wait times for approval. We can help quickly put your clients at ease so that you have the time you need to negotiate for a higher settlement. The next time one of your clients feels like they have no choice but to settle for less, advise them that they can ease the pressure by applying risk-free for pre-settlement funding at InjuryFundsNow.com.

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Five Star Reviews

What clients are saying:

"I was able to pay April's rent as well as the balance for the month of March and I paid the FPL and phone bills. I wish I had known about your company before it would have saved my family and me many headaches. Thank you."

- Jane D., plaintiff

"In my time of need Injury Funds Now helped me when no one else would. They provided me with understanding and most of all treated me like a human being."

- Jacqueline D., plaintiff

"Quick, professional & easy to work with"

- Attorney Michael A. Haggard, Esq

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